Sunday, February 27, 2005

The blahs have receeded


I finished Clapotis! So much excitement so little time. *Next sentence is not for the faint of heart* I took scissors to a stitch I forgot to drop. I was too lazy and too impatient to drop back to my mistake. But in the end everything turned out just fine.


I received my yarn for the Rebecca Eyelet Wrap, and for the Flowerbasket shawl. You would think that would be enough to satiate my bountiful yarn-lust. It wasn't. So me and my new friend Clapotis took a trip to my LYS (with a quick stop to Trader Joes where we got trampled to death by granolaesque suburbanites). I was only there to pick up the latest Interweave Knits and some Addis to complete my set.

Suddenly amoungst the yarn I saw it. A beautiful lace shawl knit from Helen's Lace (Of Lornas Lace fame) in Tahoe. The laceweight colorway of my dreams. Did I mention the pattern came free with the yarn? Could I ask for anything more? My upper arms are much stronger now from winding the lace weight into a ball. Amazing that so many yards of yarn could fit into such small shape. And for my Dear Husband, the yarn is a meager $4.16 per hundred yards! A bargain at twice the price I say!


I am a lace woman now. The Rogues, Klaralunds, Eyelet Wraps, and unseemly unseemed officially unfinished items languishing in my house be damned.