Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Parade of Distractions

The following Public Service Announcement is brought to you by the letters D,I,E,and sometimes T. I finally broke my dieting plateau. Only to celebrate by stuffing my face. I feel a little like Homer today. homer.jpg Did I mention the March birthday sweater is now a Summer-y Christmas sweater? I keep stealing swapping needles from project to project. First it was the March Christmas Sweater, then from the arms of Rogue. Now sadly it will be from The Clap to this klaralund.jpg I should make a scarlet P for promiscuous knitting. Only it would require the same damn needles I need for everything else. I haven't posted the new toys distractions I brought home from Stitches West. I'll try and make that up to you now. secretpal_Valentines.jpg (Isn't the sock yarn from my Secret Pal gorgeous?!) roving.jpg My dog loves the smell of sheep in the morning. shuffle.jpg My Husband gets high marks for this years V-Day gift. Serenity Now.