Saturday, February 05, 2005

Ten Hut

I'm still on schedule! A word of advice however, if you are really hungry, and it's lunch time, don't kludge your way through something you've never done before. I have to rip out my "grafting" of the hood cables to the hood. And I had about 2 inches of purl (only on one row, people!) where there should be knits, so I'll have to finagle my way out of that one too. But I did start the sleeves! And I'm still doing both sleeves at once. I need to find a new way to "make one" because my make ones look like cavernous holes. I pick up the horizontal strand running from the front and back stitches to make a new stitch, and voila, a hole as big as the Sun. KnotInMyThread asked where the Alice Starmore books were selling for $300. I looked at Amazon and found a few expensive selections, like Aran Knitting, Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting, Pacific Coast Highway, and In the Hebrides. Assuming you bought every single one from the cheapest vendor, you could have all four for a mere $840 USD (minus shipping). Can you believe that? You can see some examples of her work Here. According to this post on Knitty Coffeeshop, Ms. Starmore goes after people who violate her copyright. I'm curious why there hasn't been a reprint of all these books, as she doesn't stand to profit one cent from the current resale of her books. Interesting, no? I'm really looking forward to Stitches West next weekend. The marketplace has my name written all over it (or it will after I get there with my credit card). I'm actually hoping to pick up a drop spindle, some roving, and a quick demo. Like I need another hobby.