Thursday, February 03, 2005

One is the lonliest number that there ever was

I have about 20 rows left on the hooodie part of Rogue! Because I did a few other knit related projects this weekend, the boredom of the hood didn't seem quite as bad. I'd like to finish by tomorrow, so I can work on the sleeves (in tandem) this weekend. When I started Rogue I deluded myself into believing it would take me less than a month. Lets just hope I finish before my yarn for Klaralund arrives. And I guess I better work on the Chevron Lace Pullover too, 'cause that's for a March Birthday. Is it wrong I'm already looking for new projects? I'd love to try a Dale of Norway sweater, or maybe another cardigan. I browsed Alice Starmore's work, as I discovered her out of print books sell for THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS! Her work is beautiful, but I don't see anything I must make. And I'm looking for a new purse. Plus I'm coveting an Ipod. All these pesky non necessities taking away from my yarn money.