Friday, January 21, 2005

Walking on Sunshine

{Rave} Look at the fabulous gifts my Knitty Secret Pal sent my way! I love it, the sheep soap, the Belgian Chocolate (A rare indulgence), and the French Tin, perfect for stashing notions, scissors, etc. And I was worried I didn't come across well in my Secret Pal Questionaire. Either I expressed myself properly, or my Secret Pal has ESP and a direct line to the things I like. {/Rave} I've made great progress on Rogue. Partly due to Newbie-Sweater enthusiasm, and partly to doing nothing but knitting. Sadly I went back to work this week, so my progress will slow down. But I admit at work, when I'm feeling uninspired, I calculate how much yarn I can buy per hour based on my wages. It helps the doldrums. If only I could knit and work at the same time.... If anyone has any ideas on how to get myself and my good buddy Roberta into the Long Beach TNNA Tradeshow, please let me know! It seems they don't allow "Civilians" into the show. I have one day to figure it out. Any suggestions are welcome! I'm not above parachuting in ;).