Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Blue Mile

My lovely Husband repaired my computer. However the faulty hinge is spitting out screws once again. *sigh* I finished my second Irish Hiking Scarf yesterday during the 7 hour long power outage. I've discovered I need electricity. I need the background noise, either the tv or music in order to knit. In a weak moment, I bought the pattern to make Rogue. I carefully swatched for Rogue in the round, as suggested. And then I decided to make the modified Rogue Cardigan. And I started knitting, using an invisible cast-on to avoid the hem issue that was giving me heartburn. But I was knitting for the pullover version. So I frogged it, and restarted. Only to realize about an inch in that I'd swatched in the round and was knitting back and forth. Luckily my gauge is about the same. The chart reading took a bit to catch on to, but I got it! And I got to use my tiny cable needle. Life is good.