Sunday, January 09, 2005

Hey Ho, Let's Go

Live from the Fickle house (wearing a Naked Tofu shirt, accompanyed by my rubber chicken pj pants no less), I present my new blog on cuisine food and torture dieting: FickleFoodFiend I've been off and on miserable with this cold. I've had 2 days of actual knitting in the past week. It's on those days that I know I am feeling better. I finished the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs, except for seaming, end weaving, and felting. They are a very fast knit, on big needles, with chunky yarn. And fun. I really enjoyed knitting them, and I learned a few things during the process, such as wrap and turn, and how to make the roll brim cuff. I was puzzled by the instructions for the cuff, but I got it eventually. cloginprogress.jpg Roll Brim 3 Needle Bind off in progress. I admit the clogs made for my Husbands size 13 feet fit over my head. I may or may not have paraded around the house with a clog on my head calling myself Bubcha. Thankfully there is no photographic evidence. Now that I'm done with the clogs I'm going to push to finish the Hiking Scarf. What will I do with myself after I finish these projects? I'm thinking about making a sweater with the Filatura I got at the Yarnlady sale, and perhaps a sweater with the Cascade 220 I'm awaiting in the mail.