Thursday, January 06, 2005

Embarrassing Admission Time

In Honor of being doped up on cold medicine, I figured today would be a good day to air it all out. (I have fluid behind my eardrums, plus an upper respiratory infection going on.) I think I'll be able to leave the house when my ears get back to normal ~I read in Folk Socks, that the pattern called for one ball of each color. I neglected to realize that meant 100g balls, not 50g balls. So, I have enough for one sock. ~I didn't swatch for the socks since I don't have circs smaller than US size 1 ~I took said socks to the Dr's office to help pass the time. I flaked and forgot to do a decrease row, which I did 2 rows too late ~And I'm a stitch short, with no dropped stitches ~I don't know if these socks are mens or womens socks. Which leads to the last of todays embarrassing admissions. My Dear, Loving, Kind Husband thought the Welsh Country Stockings were for his size 13 feet.