Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Addi Turbos

I dropped my US 5's behind the couch, and wanted to make a 2nd baby raglan sweater. So I opted to use the Addis I just bought rather than fool with the monster couch. In short the Addi Turbos hurt my hands. The needles are heavier and with my limited experience on them I knit slower. I still plan on using the Addis for finishing items. In fact I finished another Noro hat using them via the Magic Loop method. It was very pleasant. But for regular knitting, I'll continue to use my Denise Interchangeables. Wishlist for the New Year I discovered Schoolhouse Press carries Inox needles, so over time I will continue to order circs in long lengths so I can avoid DPNs. Also on my wish list, any of these kits I'd also like a drop spindle and some roving This stamp is the cutest ever, the Saturn Stamp Some Peruvian Highland Wool More Brown Sheep Co. Lambs Pride And finally an Ott light