Monday, December 27, 2004

Santa ate all my cookies

I got the best, most helpful knitting book thus far: Vogue Knitting. I finished the pieces for two baby sweaters (I have prolific friends) weeks ago. They were languishing in my new rubbermaid bin waiting piteously to be seamed together. The seaming technique wasn't clear to me until I saw the Vogue explanation. There are pictures, but the explanation got me through. I assume it's the mattress stitch, it's labeled as "Invisible vertical on St Stitch." v_v v_v v_v v_v My interpretation of the seam is this: After connecting the two pieces, I put the tapestry needle from front to back picking up the two bars on the right side. The bars live between the knitted v's in stockinette stitch. Then I picked up the two bars between the two rows of stitching on the left hand side. I pulled until the two pieces looked like one column of v's. Then I picked up the next two bars on the right hand side, then the left and so on until the end of the fabric. I'm pleased with the results. vv vv Pieces look like one piece after seaming. baby_sweater1.jpg I added a double crochet edge to even out the collar. 2sweaters.jpg Here are both sweaters, waiting to be sent out. I finally got the nerve to give Fair Isle and Intarsia a go. This time Vogue Knitting pictures helped get me through. Have I mentioned I love this book?? It was much easier than I thought it would be. I prefer the Fair Isle, and it makes sense after doing it a few times. Intarsia is ok, but I dislike all the yarn hanging from everywhence, getting tangled and messy. Now I can make the Nancy Bush Welsh Country Stockings I've been lusting after since I got Folk Socks Intarsia_FairIsle_Front.jpg colowork_Back.jpg Christmas was really nice. I got a beautiful Rocking Chair. I'm already planning on knitting a chair cushion. I was disappointed at some of the reactions from my knitted gifts. And the gifts I sent to my parents have not arrived yet, and I fear the package lost. But those that appreciated the thought, time and money that went into their gifts will receive more in the future. I've learned an important lesson about handmade gifts, only those that appreciate them will receive them. From me anyway ;) Now that Christmas is over I have a new list of things to make, including an adult sweater for my wonderful Step Mother In Law, and a cardigan for my adorable Nephew. But first I plan on doing some knitting for me!