Saturday, January 29, 2005

In Good Company

If it's wrong to love Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace, I don't want to be right. *sigh* Just mere hours after I posted the picture of the Lionbrand Cottage Socks yesterday (made with South American wool), doggie found them and pulled 2 very long strands out. I don't know where they belong, but I'll fix it as soon as the drool dries. Queen of the Damned So I'm in Hoodie Hell. This is the longest thing I swear *%$@& I've ever knit, this hood. Longer than all other projects combined. It is never ending. I have a minimum of 50 rows left, Kill me now. In order to jump to purgatory, I swatched for the Classic Elite Venue Chevron Lace Pullover (could I add anymore nouns?!). It's a rare departure from my beloved wool. The yarn is kind of hard and scratchy. But I think the recipient will love the drape and the lightness of the fabric when it's done. You may also notice 2 balls of Brown Sheep Co's Nature Spun in the most recent picture. Being as I diligently swatched for the CLP, I had to add some excitement to my life. I'm hoping those two smallish balls will equal one pair of mittens for my adorable nephew. I'm living on the edge. IMG_2140.jpg Ain't he cute?! I almost forgot to add my coolest non-knitting-related purchase of the week! Domestigirl told me about the wonders of Cooking Light magazine. You scoff. This magazine is the best invention ever (aside from the wonderous BCP). I was giddy when I stumbled upon Cooking Light Annual Recipes 2005. I am one happy eater!