Thursday, February 10, 2005

I'm leaving on a jet plane

Domestigirl's comment was too good not to share: Domestic Girl said... I had that same problem with my M1's. I think I was knitting them wrong, but I ended up with big skylights in the armpits of Sherbet. So I did what any intelligent person would do. I cheated. Hell, I was carrying two friggin' pieces of yarn. So I increased by knitting each one separately. It made a very cute tulippy increase. Which doesn't, unfortunately, help you any. But in the process I spent a lot of time looking through my vogue knitting book and I *think* I was coming at the stitches from the wrong side... you have to pick it up from the back and then look reallyreallyreally carefully at how they 'knit' it. It looks weird to me so I'm sure that's not what I was doing. I'm now making one by Knittting 1 in the st normally, then another in the back of the same st. No holes! At least none the size of a small dog. I attempted this before, but I didn't learn it at the time because I was doing a bunch of stuff wrong. I'm telling you, I love Vogue Knitting, but I also love Both have this technique described. I can't wait for Stitches West! I'm making a mental list of what I want, which I'd include, but my Husband has access to this blog, and the ability to google for prices. Why would he need to know how much yarn costs? I say it's a Need to Know area of knowledge and it's just better for all of us if he's left in the dark. My bleary, just having one cup of coffee (Please excuse all typos and grammatical mistakes) eyes are telling me my archive list doesn't appear in the mozilla version of my blog. Anyone experience this and have any suggestions?