Sunday, February 20, 2005

Winds of Change

I had a fruitful weekend of knitting. The Hubs and I saw Sideways on Saturday. What an incredible movie! It was directed by Alexander Payne who also directed Election, another great movie.

I brought up the movie because I took my knitting into the theater. And I worked on Klaralund in the complete and total dark while watching the movie, and suffered no casualties.
Speaking of Klaralund I have to say I love the #211 colorway of Noro Silk Garden. It reminds me of childhood cards I made for loved ones. You know the ones where you color block type patterns, then color the whole thing black and scrape off your message? It's a satisfying pattern and a lovely colorway.

I also made some progress on Rogue. The sleeves are completed! Next is the buttonband and the hem I've been avoiding. And sewing up the small dog sized holes I created with poorly thought out increasing.


This is my first Typepad entry. I'll be copying to blogger until I get the template and archives set up the way I'd like. I expect it'll be quite a while before I move over entirely to Typepad, assuming I don't destroy my laptop in complete and utter frustration first.

**PS Blogger what's up with the lack of breaks between my paragraphs?