Sunday, February 20, 2005


All Bloody Buggery Movable Type and no Play make Mishi go Crazy

I am working toward an advanced degree in the Physical Sciences. I have had multitudinous programming experience. I know what DLL Hell is. I can take shit apart and put it back together again. But all this bloody experience has helped me none with Movable Type. My kind and loving Husband suggested I use the Command Prompt window to ftp. I know he is an Assembly Language Zen Master. But my god, the Command Prompt?! I am sorry to say even after downloading the proper FTP Client Software I am still unable to transfer my archives to my new domain. I finally figured out the right directory (Dear Movable Type, please provide a sample directory with the Import help function) after visiting the Movable Type forums. I downloaded a Unix text editor, but it STILL seems I will have to edit. every. post. with. carriage. return. and. line. feed.. Until that time faithful readers, you can still read my ranting blatherings here on blogger.

**Edited to add the following:
Importing entries into blog 'FickleKnitterFiend'
Importing entries as author 'Michelle'
Importing entries from file '10122004.txt'
All data imported successfully! Make sure that you remove the files that you imported from the 'import' folder, so that if/when you run the import process again, those files will not be re-imported.
You would think that snippet would indicate the archival text file would *be* somewhere in Movable Type-land, right? It's not!