Sunday, November 28, 2004

Socks and Tea Cosys

I promise pictures soon, as soon as I find my camera cable. I taught two people to knit over the holidays, and I have photographic evidence! It was very exciting for them and me. Maybe my addiction will be less now that I've passed along some knitting knowledge. I won't hold my breath. We went to a fantastic store in Northern California, called The Yarn Place The employees were the most helpful I've seen. They were very patient, offering great ideas to the eyelash sparkly yarn scarf makers. Continually circulating asking everyone if they needed help. There was a new room devoted entirely to sale items (I was so tempted by the Cashmere). Perhaps the best part was when an employee helped me in my sock quest. After the 2nd Horrific Hat Incident of '04 I thought I'd love to try socks with the magic loop. The employee pulled out her MAGIC LOOP WITH 2 SOCKS on it. I was a knitting fan boy at that moment. Hell, I'm still a knitting fan boy. I was in great company. So. I bought Socks & Circs and a pair of US 1 and 2 40 " circs by Inox. I bought Folk Socks elsewhere. I'm using both books to make classic socks for my husband out of Brown Sheep Co's Wildefoot yarn. The magic loop took some learning (as did the size 2 needles). After I have those under my proverbial belt, I plan on making the Welsh Country Stockings. I have the yarn all ready to go. The Ull tea cosy is meandering along, knotting the whole way. Infuriating me. Thankfully only 6 more inches to go. I'm afraid I may run out of yarn. That would be ironic. Or something. I started my first washcloth in 100% cotton. I can't wait to use it! I'm doing it in garter stitch. I'll be making a few for kitchen use, and a few for home use. When I can, I'll experiment with cables and other undiscovered patterns. I picked up a copy of Rebecca Magazine. I have my eye on quite a few sweaters. I am however slightly disappointed that some of the GGH yarn is synthetic. And expensive. I'm hoping to find the yarns the 5th at the Yarnlady bag sale. So if you are going, and you want GGH yarns, watch out for me ;)! I had a Chinese "massage" at the mall on Black Friday. I believe "massage" is a misnomer because I was pummeled. My wrist is sore from the abuse. So I'm trying to take it easy, spend my time on schoolwork {dreaded, unfun schoolwork}. After this week I'll be finishing the gigantic pile of mostly done projects for Christmas. And then into the realms of undiscovered sweater country. Onward and Upward!