Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Second Horrific Hat Incident of Ought Four

I was two decreases from finishing my second Noro Hat. Then stitches started to fall off of the right needle as I was fighting to do the final K2 togs. So. I'm trying to pick up the stitches (decreases dropping like flies), and the stitches fell off of the left needle. Falling stitches everywhere. So I decide to pick up stitches one at time with a crochet hook and loop the end of the yarn through the stitches and finish off. I do this successfully. Until I find one last dropped stitch. Can you guess what happens next? The fucking yarn broke. BROKE. In multiple places. Say 2 or 3 places say ye? No. More. Stitches truly are everywhere. Obscenities abound. I own Knitting Without Tears. Shouldn't that be defense enough against such calamity? But the moral of the story is, pay attention to the warning signs. Sign Numero Uno: The Noro had the last color transition tied together. Not spun together. Tied. As in a knot. Sign Numero Dos: I was at the lab taking data when I cast on for the hat. I had the wrong size needles. Read the tea leaves people! I need a drink.