Saturday, November 13, 2004

A tisket, a tasket, a Christmas Ornament Basket

Basket(s). I whipped them into shape with Natural Floral Wire. I have the wounds to prove it! I haven't quite decided on how to get the yarn to stay in a cohesive ball, or how to permanently attach the yarn to the baskets, but I'll get there. I'm knitting away on the Easy Lace Scarf, the Mittens, and the Decadent Scarf (for me, maybe). This week I'll have to finish up the bag for my SIL's birthday. I just need to felt it, and add the handles and lining. Guess that means I need to learn to use the handheld sewing machine! Good Times. My computer is repaired! All I had to do was use my Husbands til he wanted his back, then he fixed mine :).