Thursday, November 25, 2004

Yeah I went there.

I decided to use Baby Ull Dale of Norway Sport weight (using a double strand for worsted weight equivalent) for the tea cosy in Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. Do as I say, not as I do Another warning sign I chose to ignore: Baby Ull doesn't have a center pull and an outer strand as Brown Sheep Co's Sport weight. I ended up with a horribly tangled mess. So I took out the scissors. That's right folks, I cut my yarn. And then I untangled it, and found another use for my Asthma Inhaler. I placed the end of the yarn in the mouth part of the inhaler and afixed the cap. Then I proceeded to make a quick and dirty center pull ball, complete with an outer yarn strand. It knotted again! And a few times after that. So an outer strand it became, paired with the second skein of Ull (I was trying not to use it, as to return it for store credit). C'est La Vie. I'm now happily knitting along on my tea cosy. The recipeient has 3 or 4 teapots, so I'm sure the cosy will fit at least one! I'm also adding some tea from Upton Tea for all you tea snobs in cyber space. Thanksgiving Miracle We're visiting some dear friends for the Thanksgiving holiday. The hostess is a Domestic Goddess! I hope my husband doesn't pick up on all the wonderful things she is cooking (involving food processors, kitchenaid Mixers, puffy pastries, homemade pies, brined turkeys, and more!). Or worse expect me to acquire these amazing cooking skills. The good news is it inspired DH to ask for snooty cooking magazines. I can never have enough magazines! Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday Shopping and to all a good night!