Sunday, November 07, 2004

Island of the Lost Finished Objects -or- Where is my new yarn?

For me there are two categories of finished objects. 1) Those that are off the needles, and 2) those that have all the bloody ends woven in. Neither strike my fancy. Yesterday I finished (1) and 2)) 2 purses, a hat (2)), a fuzzy bunny (1)) and the scrap scarf (2)). I have one more purse in my Island of the Lost Finished Objects bin, one baby bootie in pink Bernat, and the Noro hat I'm making. I intended for the hat to be a xmas gift for my dad, but luckily it looks like it's more my size ;). I am resisting the temptation to buy Patton's sock yarn (on sale!) from Joann', and the Peruvian Highland wool on Elann for 2.50 per. Not sure how long I will hold out on the non yarn buying front.