Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Some post election thoughts.

Election Commentary I am proud to share I voted with my heart and conscience yesterday. Fiscally speaking perhaps Bush would be better in the short term for the American Economy. But beyond the immediate horizon Kerry would be a more mindful steward of the American people, with a greater vision of long term strategies for a successful Country. What’s wrong with the Democrats? We are dominated in the Senate, the Presidency, and soon the Supreme Court by Republicans. What as a party can we do to improve our position of power in the American Government? What are we doing that is preventing us from playing a part in the Governing body of the United States of America? Why don’t we have an equal opportunity to make our voices heard? Where is the minority vote? Are we still jaded from the Florida mishap? Do we think our vote doesn’t count? How did President Bush appeal to the Latino voters of this country? I don’t have the answers. But I am thankful I have the right to express my thoughts and beliefs. May the spirit of Democracy live long.