Monday, November 01, 2004

Technique Technique Technique

So after reading that counter-clockwise wrapping is the correct way to wrap, I decided to investigate. It turns out not only was I wrapping clockwise (If you are curious, point your right needle at your nose and look which way you wrap the yarn around in a knit stitch), but I was placing the needle in the knit stitch wrong too! Funny how both mistakes balanced out to give me a normal (to my newbie eyes) stitch. An added benefit is my purling is much easier, and my knitting is much looser! No more stubborn yarn dragging on plastic(!) needles. Oh happy day! When I'm feeling a little better I plan on finishing up all UFO's this week. I reorganized my yarn stash last night. In the bottom rubbermaid container is plain ole yarn, in the top is UFO's. Everything is in 1 gal plastic ziplock bags. I give it a week or so before it all goes to shit again :). I ordered scads of wool. I got 6 or so skeins of Kureyon at, and 6 beautiful wool skeins from ebay: I can't wait til it all comes in! I made an excel spreadsheet of who gets what handknit gift. Because I am a dork. My keyboard on my laptop crapped out today. But the mousepad still works. So I am using a wireless keyboard with the regular mouse. Quite a juggling act. Tomorrow I vote!