Friday, November 05, 2004

Close Encounters of the Spider Kind -or- Will entry ever post in my blog?

Just moments after I snapped the pyramid pics on campus I was attacked by a vicious albino spider. While driving my car. Luckily (after sitting at a stop sign for about 3 minutes) I was able to make it to a parking lot to kill the evil spider. It was either me or him. I’ll let you guess the outcome. Back to Basics I frogged the thumb on my mitten. The garter stitch was an affront to my sensibilities. Plus the two ginormous holes on either side looked a little squirrelly too.I finished and blocked the purple scarf. It looked so pretty hanging there from the top pins. Until I took it off and the ends curled back up. So back to the drawing board. I'm planning on hand washing it and trying again. If it doesn't work this go, then that's it! It'll be a tubular scarf. I'm going to do a chemo cap for charity on my off time. I think I'll use some extra Lionspun I have. Charity hats will be a good excuse to practice cabling. Eventually. For fun I'd like to dabble in the Noro Kureyon. I have 5 skeins of #57. I ordered some other colors for xmas gifts, but the #57 is for me. If only I could decide what to make with it. (Publishing attempt # 6)