Friday, October 29, 2004

Manos Del Tears

I love Manos wool yarn. I love the varied color, the thinness and thickness, the way it feels in my fingers as I knit it. But the knots were nerve racking. While I hand wound the wool I surfed the net (, for Swifts and Ball Winders. Final verdict: I'd rather do it myself. My husband offered to help too! Bless him. The Kim hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson is a mystery to me. I carefully chose my needles such that my gauge matched the prescribed gauge, and used the same yarn pictured as well. The women's hat would fit a giant. I realize that it's wool and I can therefore: give it to my husband or felt it. But I feel like whining because I know the colors will bleed. Maybe I'll make myself a smaller inverted version and he and I can match. Wouldn't that be lovely?! I went to the LYS in Huntington Beach (on Hamilton). There are some fabulous deals to be had. The yellow mohair blend cost 3.50 per, and the others were about 6.00 apeice. The owner makes the other blends with various yarns. The store is stacked to ceiling with yarn, much of it older and discontinued. But don't let that deter you. Old does not mean ugly. She also has some new fashionable, trendy yarns (IMO Berreco, Trendsetter etc). My only complaint is she didn't have 100% wool on the floor. Her blends of yarns are magnificent, and she is very pleasant and knowledgeable. Great place to go buy some yarn and not spend an arm and a leg.