Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Body Mass Index

I got my Denise needles! A small review: I like the smoothness, and most definately the lightness of the needles. I've been playing with the set on and off today. I have slight hand cramping (near my thumbs) from grasping the needles differently than single or double pointeds. Two things I don't like - the circular part doesn't have a 16" length, I have to make due with a 17" length, the second -the needles run in size from US 5 to US 15, I'd like some smaller needles. Both "dislikes" were visible to me when I purchased the needles, but you don't know these things sometimes until you have the product in your hot little hands. And I still will have to purchase more double pointed needles! Ebay needle lots here I come! I am attempting Kim's Hat from Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. (Quickee book review, it is split up into project based on time to create the items, 2-4 hour gifts, 4-6, and so on through 8 + hour gifts). The gauge listed in Kim's hats is the following: 15.5 (? a half stitch ?) inches per 23 rows of stockinette st. Some problems are I had to go up to size US 11's to get the gauge (problem Numero Uno), and I had to do it back and forth on the denise needles (used as straights). The effort to make 80+ some stitches in the round for 23 rows just seemed wrong to me. So I suppose my gauge will be off by 20% or so (problemo dos). I will proceed with the Manos De Urugauy Kim's Hat until I see fit to frog or wear. So there.