Tuesday, October 19, 2004

It's raining so hard it's pouring

People out here act as if rain is as big an event as the major snowfalls back east. I guess in a way it is. I don't mind, I like the tumultuous weather-reminds me of the east coast. I finished the dreaded poncho finally! And I finished the shawl. I am going to attempt to block the shawl as soon as I figure out what will work with 2' x 6' dimensions. I ordered the Denise Interchangeable needles today. Am waiting ever so impatiently by the mailbox. Or will be starting Thursday. I got my Amazon books, they have really inspired me and given me some overall great ideas. Tonight I fiddled around with a saxon braid cable. For the first time I made something that resembled a cable, before I frogged it. I need that 3x5 spiral notepad so I can write down each rows direction. Next projects, PURSES galore. And that pesky bday gift for my friend and classmate...