Saturday, October 16, 2004

I love Dave Chapelle

I discovered I can do the knit stitch by feel today. I've sorta been experimenting with it lately and today I got it. Not so sure how clean my work on the shawl was, but that's the beauty of big needles! Did a bit of work on the poncho this morning. That project is just creeping I know, I should start a new project! That's what I should do. Maybe another pair of booties in a better yarn (Bernat Baby Yarn), or a lovely scarf for a good friend on her birthday (can't wait for that yarn to arrive in the mail!). My Husband failed the Piaget test. He thinks my shawl is only a mere 40" in length. *Running to get measuring tape* It's 54"! I googled pashmina shawl dimensions to get an idea of the length I'd like (results returned 3o" x 8o".) So 26" more to go! About 2 skeins I think. I got plenty extra skeins. This is my first major multi skein project. I can't wait to wear it on campus although I haven't determined how to wear it with a bookbag. I have to start sending out the finished objects-It's amazingly easy to part with them thus far. I'm dreaming of Noro yarn. I want it. I must have it. It will. be. mine... ha