Saturday, October 23, 2004

Madonna and Early Morning Sunshine

I finished the poncho (no pics, it looks just like the other one I made), and finished 'a' bootie in pink Bernat sport weight yarn. Now I'm making a scrap scarf (cast on 140 +/- 40) on 13's. But my pretty yarn (Pengouin) BROKE mid-row. So I'm contemplating what to do. I figure it won't really matter because the yarn is so textured. I am also doing a cutie patootie bunny pattern in the same yarn as the booties. I went to a lovely yarn store, The owners are wonderful people. I liked the atmosphere. I found Noro Kureyon (YES!) for 8.95 in color no. 57. And Manos de Uruguay in two great colors. Plus some fab metallic yarn for a purse for a friend. I was so tempted to buy the gorgeous purse handles there. And I got a Kacha Kacha! The puppy thinks it's his training clicker lol. I'm sad I must wait for my Denise circs to arrive before I can start some new projects, but I think the scrap scarf will inspire me. So far Knitting Without Tears by E. Zimmermann is good. There are some great sweaters in there, as well as mittens, scarves, and techniques. I love my new books! I just need those circs.... I gave some extra yarn (for the adult devil hat) to my SIL along with a bamboo crochet needle I didn't like. She remembered how to crochet from years and years ago. I'm glad she enjoyed it. I like to spread my addiction to the world ;). Maybe I could whip out a toddler devil hat for my nephew with those circs..... I'm sending out the poncho, and the knit/crochet scarf and hat combo today. It feels good.