Thursday, October 28, 2004

I have crossed over. I am now in the cult known as Knitting.

So I decided that I had to knit my nephew a hat (lil Devil toddler hat~pattern available on yesterday. I started around 6pm, and finished the hat except for the horns and weaving in the ends at 12:30 am. I am normally in my first REM cycle at 12;30 am. Damn you Denise Circs and your siren like qualities! Luring me to knit like a fiend. Invisible Cast On Crochet Technique I admit my heart sunk when I saw this as part of the pattern. Basically you chain 10 st more than required for cast on in a contrasting color, ON THE BIGGEST CROCHET HOOK YOU CAN FIND AND AS LOOSELY AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE (sorry for the shout, I can't emphasize that enough). Turn over your chain and pick up the bumps with your needle. Then knit into the bumps (I counted that as my cast on row) and proceed from there. I highly recommend that you knot the end of the chain so it won't come unzipped. Finish the pattern, then come back to the chain, unknot the end and carefully remove the chain and pick up the knit stitches. So you are probably still wondering about the status of the hat, right? It's completely done save for the last horn. I'll get some motivation this afternoon and finish it up and ship it out USPS priority. There are a few mistakes that only another knitter would catch. I did some hinky stuff with the yarn pulled through the last 7 stitches at the top. I don't like the look of weaving in the ends on a stockinnette stitch, I am inexperienced and the ends shout out at me LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Pics to come!