Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Yarn Sale and Other Nonsensicals

Since I had a five page paper to bullshit write, I decided to cast on for the baby raglan sweater. 5 cups of coffee, 2 cups hot chocolate, one passable paper, and 24 hours later I have the front of the sweater done. I am giddy to start the sleeves. Who knew a sweater could be so thrilling? I plan on adding a duckie via embroidery after I'm done. And I'm using Acrylic. Red Heart to be specific. It was in my stash from my first forays into knitting some months ago. I'll make no excuses. Besides, it's cute. And acrylic is not nearly as obnoxious on plastic Denise Interchangeables. Convinced yet? What's that? You want a recap of the Yarnlady bag sale? Well you got it. My friend Roberta and I arrived at the sale at 9am. The sale was in full swing. There was no point in which I wasn't elbowed in the kidney, the stomach, or the kneecap. Even when taking cautious baby steps. There were knitters and yarn everywhere! I saw a lot of discontinued Trendsetter, Filatura, and even some Camel Hair. The prices were half off. So in other words, if the yarn was originally $10 a ball, a bag of 10 was $50. Are you curious what I bought? I moped around piteously for at least an hour and a half. I couldn't justify buying the Camel Hair (half off of a lot is still a lot). And I'm a natural fiber snob. I like 100% animal fiber. Or at least 80%. Finally I found some yarn. First it was a bag of the Mimosa by Filatura Di Crosa at $3 a ball. Did I mention it's 100% wool? Then I found a second bag (sweater here I come!). Roberta and I wizened up and stood by the bin where frantic women were throwing back yarn at the last minute. The check-out line extended out the door and wrapped around the outdoor mall. We decided we'd hang out, scope the thrown back yarn, and relax. Then we found out there would be another truckload of yarn. Did I mention we'll be going at 10:30 am next go round? Then I found it. The 65% Cashmere, 35% Silk Bollicinia. Yes it was $75 for 13 balls, and YES they are not the same color. But I can over dye cashmere/silk right? And find a few more balls to make an uber luxurious sweater, no? So that's what I bought. My wallet was a bit lighter, but it was worth it. I got more than a few compliments on the Irish Hiking Scarf when I was showing off knitting in public. I also got a few requests on how to make the Scrap Scarf I made for Roberta. I admit it, I am a Knitting Attention Whore. To my dear Husband: if you've read this far I want you to know I got you a super cool Christmas gift. Have you gotten mine yet? :)