Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Yes I am addicted.

It's 10:23pm. I'm tired. I've been admiring knitting blogs online for a few days so I decided to create my own. Starting with the basics, so far I've done 2 scarves, a hat, and a purse completely (well almost completely), and a poncho in camel. Things that just need final touches are: another scarf, a pair of baby booties, another purse, and another poncho. What's on my horizon? A great mohair blend yarn I got at a LYS (notice I didn't say "my LYS," not ready to commit this soon out of the gate) will be fashioned into a shawl I saw on They rock thier little punk rock hearts out. Also 2 more purses, did I mention that poncho? And I definately definately have to knit something for my friend. Her birthday is coming up in less than one month. Plus all the stuff I plan on making for xmas gifts. I hope my amazon knitting book purchases arrive shortly. 'Cause I'm ready to start new projects ;).